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Accommodations & Hotels in LIberia
RLJKendeja Resort & Villas
Built by American Billionaire Robert Johnson, The RU Kendeja Resort & Villas is located a short twenty-five minute drive from Liberia’s international airport. With first-class amenities that cater to international travelers, the seventy-eight villa- styled rooms, which are sprawled across acres of beach front property, offers a luxurious atmosphere and is one of the premier hotels in West Africa.
Liberian Telephone #: 011-231-22100-100 or U.S. Telephone #: 240 744 7850
Web Address: http://www.rljkendejaresort.com/

RLJKendeja Resort & Villas
Thinkers Village Hotel and Beach

Thinkers Village Hotel and Beach
Located on the highway between Roberts International Airport and Monrovia, this hotel has a large conference rooms. It also has 1 & 2 bedroom apartments and bungalows for weekly and monthly rentals.
Tel: +231-6-588-382 I +231-6-657-978
E-mail: thinkersvillae@yahoo.com

Mamba Point Hotel
A country lodge boutique hotel set in private grounds located in the Diplomatic Quarter, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and set in a Magnificent Tropical Garden.
Telephone Number: 011 231 6 440000 or 6 441000
Web site at: www.mambapointhotel.biz

Mamba Point Hotel
Palm Springs Resort & Casino

Palm Springs Resort & Casino
This Resort & Casino is located only fifteen minutes from down to Monrovia. With a fascinating view that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, the resort’s bar and restaurant offers an appetizing variety of international and local cuisine.
Telephone Number: 011-231-58-78763
Web Address: http://www.creativedenghana.comlpalmspringliberia!Palm Spring ResortlHome.html

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