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Established Corporations in Liberia
Since 2006, the Government of Liberia has been able to sign the following concessional agreements — some ratified, others pending ratification by the Houses of Representatives and Senate:
(a) Arcelor Mittal Steel of Luxemburg — 1.5 Billion United States Dollars to reactivate and operate iron      ore mines in Nimba County once operated by the LAMCO Joint Venture Company (JVC) — 1,500 jobs      up-coming;

(b) Buchanan Renewable Energies (BRE) of Canada — 150 Million United States Dollars for producing      wood chips from outlived rubber trees for energy production in Grand Bassa County — 500 to 1,000      jobs available;

(c) China Union Investment, Incorporated — 2.6 Billion United States Dollars to reactivate and operate      the former Bong Mines once exploited by The Bong Mining Company (BMC) — 2,000 direct and      indirect jobs;

(d) American-Liberia Mineral Company (Am-Lib) with an investment of 50 Million United States Dollars to      extract gold and diamonds and job opportunities for between 700 — 1000 Liberians;

(e) SIME Darby of Malaysia with an agro investment of US$800 Million will tap the rubber and oil palm      sectors; providing jobs for approximately over 1,000 persons;

(f) The construction of a Five Star Hotel just on the outskirts of the nation ‘s capital city Monrovia      and which will provide jobs for over 200 Liberians; additionally Afro-American Billionaire Robert L.      Johnson who is the financier of the hotel has set up a billion-dollar fund which is managed by his      entity nomenclature Liberia Endowment Development Fund Company (LEDFC). The establishment is      in partnership with the NIC to engender small medium enterprises to help develop Liberian-owned      private enterprises;

(g) BHP Billiton, in June 2010, entered into a 25 year Mineral Development Agreement worth $ 3 billion      with the Liberian government which is currently before the Liberian legislature for ratification.      Legislative sources said members of the House are expected to deliberate on the bill soon for      possible ratification on grounds that the investment stands to benefit the country immensely.

(Ii) Liberia‘s parliament approved an offshore oil exploration accord with California-based Chevron      Corporation. This three-year exploration project is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2010      and has a potential worth of US$10 billion

(1) The Government of Liberia and Golden Veroleum Inc. announced a partnership for the cultivation of      sustainable palm oil by the company and by Liberian farmers, mill processing and value-added      manufacturing. The investment is expected to total US$1.6 billion and 35,000 jobs.

Liberia is Back in Business
Firestone has been operating in Liberia for over 80 years. Covering almost 200 square miles, it is the largest single natural rubber operation in the world.

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