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Infrastructure & Reconstruction
As Liberia continues to recover from a destructive civil war, the building of the country’s infrastructure has been a primary focus for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Hundreds of miles of roads are being renovated and paved, and electricity has been established for the majority of the capital city of Monrovia. There is still, however, much work, development and construction to be done. Looking around the city of Monrovia, there are several glass buildings and high-rises being constructed, as well as modern hotels and accommodations. Several companies have taken on major housing developmental projects. Because of the availability of a growing skilled labor force, this section of the economy has the potential to grow exponentially. There are many existing opportunities and incentives for companies looking to get involved in any type of development because of the government’s goal in re-establishing basic infrastructure for its citizens and foreign visitors.

After years of peace and stability, investors are now taking part in Liberia’s construction boost

As the capital city of Monrovia and its environs continue to develop, first-class apartment buildings are being constructed all over the city.

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