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Reasons To Invest In Liberia
> Liberia now boasts a stable and peaceful political environment that is conducive for business growth.

> The country is strategically located on the Western tip of Africa with a world class sea port which     serves as a gateway to the West African sub-region and the 250 million people who make up the     Economic Community of West African States (ECO WAS).

> Liberia has an abundance of natural resources that include iron ore, timber, diamonds and gold &     water resources.

> Liberia has an ideal climate for agricultural products such as Rubber, Coffee, Cocoa, Rice, Cassava,     Palm Oil, and Raw Timber & Sugarcane.

> There are direct international flights from Europe, North America and Asia.

> Skilled and manual labor is readily available at an economical pay scale, making the cost of production     low and return on investment relatively high.

> The country enlists an open-door policy to almost all business ventures imaginable.

> A non-discriminatory policy exists with respect to local and foreign investors that provide an     environment for which both groups enjoy adequate government protection and incentives.

> The government’s economic policy centers on the ideals of a Free Enterprise System.

> The country recently settled its debt of approximately $4.9 Billion (USD) making it ripe for new     investment opportunities and infrastructure development.

> Liberian Investment laws are globally competitive. The country offers 100% repatriation of funds and     no currency exchange restrictions.

> The Government of Liberia offers a wide range of investment incentives and strong legal protection     to all existing and would-be investors.

> Many of Liberia’s exports qualify for duty-free access to international markets such as the EU and     U.S.

> Liberia is Member of the US - African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)

> There is exemption from customs duties and stamp fees of up to 100% on approved imports, of     machinery and equipment; spare parts; raw and auxiliary materials; building and construction     materials.

> Provides tax Holidays

> Enterprises in the agricultural sector shall be entitled to 100% allowable benefits

> Tax exemption of profits re-invested in fixed assets and exemption of the remaining profits of the     enterprises from 50% of the income tax that would be otherwise payable

> Unrestricted repatriation of foreign investment and remittance of profits and dividends at any time

> Assistance in obtaining land selected by the investor on a long-term lease. This benefit applies to land     for the purposes of industrial, agricultural and real estate development

> Support in securing loans and/or contributions of equity capital by pertinent agencies of the     government of Liberia, Liberian entrepreneurs and/or enterprises

> Credit guarantees

> Government participation by putting up a guarantee for its equity or by cash contribution, or    through other acceptable arrangements

> Reasonable market protection in the form of restriction on imports of identical products.
   Gate way to international markets in Africa, Asia, Europe and USA

> Home to major international companies — Firestone, Mittal Steel, SIME Darby, LAC, among others.

“Liberia – A country of Endless Possibilities “

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