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Reasons To Visit Liberia
A beach in the city of Robertsports, Cape Mount County
Cece Beach in Montserrado County
*Robertsport Beach (recognized by The New York Times as one of the best places to surf in Africa)

Tasty cuisine unique to the West African region

Sapo National Park, one of West Africa’s last remaining primary rainforest, where forest elephants, pigmy hippos, chimpanzees and a mixture of wildlife are found.

The Drill Monkey is one of Africa’s most endangered species
African Fish Eagle
“The Blue Lake” in Bomi County

A Glimpse at the Liberian Culture of African Masks and Traditional Dance

* Amazing Waterfalls
* Canoe Tours through Liberia’s Rainforest
* 5-Star Hotels Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Fall in love with liberia
Amidst the jungle, Kpatawee Waterfalls is a hi dden paradise located in Bong County
Investment & Travel Guide

> Central Bank & its Role
> How to Establish a Business
> Obtaining an Investment Incentive
> Priority Areas of Investment
> Tax Incentives
> Immigration & Visas
> Established International Treaties
> Government Agencies & Commissions
> Funding Agencies
> Accommodations
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